Sex Toy Review: The Pulse III Duo from Hot Octopuss

The Pulse III Duo from Hot Octopuss, touted as the “World’s first Guybrator,”is a vibrating sex toy that can be used solo or with a partner. As a sex coach and educator, I am super grateful to see more toys designed specifically for penis-owners. For a long time, masturbation sleeves have pretty much cornered the market. Vibrators have been generally targeted to those of us with vulvas. There are a plethora of toys for anal play, but those of course are not anatomy-dependent.

As I think the blog and podcast have clearly established, I’m a queer cis gal. So while I do not have a penis myself, I was able to watch my partner use the Pulse III and also participate in the couples part of this couples’ toy. But an important note about language: my partner is a queer trans woman. She has a penis, so while this “guybrator” is in many ways tailored to her body, it does not align with her identity. She is not a guy.

Obviously, all bodies are different and enjoy different things. I do think it is useful to distinguish between type and function of sex toys, but I also think it’s time to remove the “for him/for her” and “male/female” language from the ad copy for sexual products (and most consumer products in general). Gender and sexuality exist on too broad a spectrum to be limited to this binary, and inclusive marketing is better for everyone. Thankfully, this is an easy fix: male stimulator becomes penis stimulator, guybrator goes back to vibrator (dickbrator? cockbrator? I’ll admit that guybrator is cute, but not at the expense of inducing dysphoria in potential customers.)

But let’s talk about the good stuff: The Pulse III is sleek, midnight blue, and made of soft, high quality, body-safe silicone. (Reminder: that means that you should only use water-based lube with it.) It’s waterproof, which is a fun bonus. There are five vibration modes, so whether you prefer a little bit of a tease or more of a steady rumble, you can experiment with different patterns and intensities. It comes with a USB magnetic charger, which is a rad choice, but do note: it takes a full 24 hours of charging to be able to hold a vibration for more than a few seconds.

My partner has used and enjoyed my Hitachi Magic Wand, but it does take a lot of finagling to get it in the right spot. She is psyched that this vibrator can more easily target the sensitive underside of her penis (and isn’t jackhammer loud and tethered to a cord). The vibration is definitely audible, but not obnoxiously so, and it immediately gets those pleasurable sensations going. While not entirely a hands-free solo toy, she found that it is easy to position the toy where she wants it, and she only has to lightly hold it in place. The unique curved shape is definitely the Pulse III’s best asset.

As a toy for couples, it is a bit challenging, but I find that to be true of most couples’ toys, and would argue that mutual masturbation is an even better couples’ activity than trying to grind against the same piece of technology. As a Hitachi gal, I have essentially trained my body to need heavy machinery levels of vibration. So while the Pulse III doesn’t quite cut it, it is much more comfortable to press my clit against than anything else we’ve tried to use together. And even more so, touching myself, using my own toy, or just kissing and stroking my partner while she uses a toy on herself (and vice versa) is one of my favorite couples’ activities. I’m thrilled that she now has a toy that is better suited to her anatomy, and will stop stealing mine!

For vulva-owners with more responsive clits, this might be perfect for dual use. And to add to the fun, there is a remote control that either person can use to vary the vibration and intensity, which leads to endless possibilities. A note from my partner about the size: while she found it pretty comfortable for her, she does think that the “one size fits all” claim might not apply to folks with girthier penises, as the sides are pretty rigid. And for two penis-owners, the dual use is probably going to be more challenging, but nothing wrong with taking turns (after cleaning with warm soapy water).

Overall, we are both delighted that Hot Octopuss has created a product that has been missing from the sex toy landscape, and can’t wait to keep playing.

If you want to purchase the Pulse III Duo, head on over to Hot Octopuss.

*The pulse III duo was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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