Episode 31- Queering Sex Ed

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In todays episode we sit down with Phoenix Mandel to discuss community-centered, pleasure-based, and radical Queer Sex Ed!


Grounding Exercise: (start and end the exercise with a deep belly breath)

5 – LOOK: Look around for 5 things that you can see, and say them out loud. If you are blind or visually impaired, another way to do this is to imagine and name 5 shapes/feelings you are getting from the space around you.

4 – FEEL: Close your eyes and pay close attention to your body. Notice 4 things that you can physically feel, and say them out loud.

3 – LISTEN: Close your eyes and listen for 3 sounds. Say the 3 things out loud.

2 – SMELL: Close your eyes and key in to your sense of smell. Name 2 things you can smell. If you’re able to, you may move to another spot and sniff something. (Open your eyes for this bit) If you can’t smell anything at the moment or you can’t go elsewhere to sniff something, then name your 2 favorite smells or something you would like to be smelling right now.

1 – TASTE is typically the last step, but I like to substitute saying 1 Affirmation, like something I like about myself.

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