Episode 002- If You Wannabe My Lover

Tell me what you want, what you really really want…

In Episode 2 we talk about sex and relationships using the What I Want To Do list & The Queer/Trans Relationship Template. What if someone misgenders my partner? What are gender-neutral terms to describe my relationship? Can I be polyamorous if I’m jealous and wanna call my metamour a b****? Tune in to find out our thoughts.

Other topics: The L Word. Biphobia. Therapy. “Body Positive Breakthroughs”. Chronic Illness. Exxxotica. Hot Octopuss. Fluid Bonding. How many new sex partners we’ve had in 2018. WHAT IS SEX? Mutual Masturbation. Crash Pad Series – Queer Porn. Fetlife– The Myspace of Sex Sites. BDSM test. Kinky & Vanilla. Sex Pos Con. Sex Down South. Jealousy and Compersion. More Than 2- The Poly Bible.

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