Episode 001- Meet the Queers Next Door

Who are the Queers Next Door? Meet Leigh and Megan and find out what we’re all about, what queer means to us, and our coming out stories. 

Content Warning: Some talk of Megan’s mom’s murder/ grief

Hot takes: Queer&A. Self care. Divorce & Rebuilding. Our identities as well as Mental Illness & Chronic Illness. “Check out Megan’s Butt on IG!“A Case for Moist” Our life mottos. “Queer has a bit of a FUCK YOU to it”I like my identity to have a bit of political rage.” “YAY BUTTS!” “All you have to do is be brave and be kind” Coming out stories. Oprah & my “ah-ha” gay moment.

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About Queers Next Door

we take the topics you care about - sex, feminism, kink, social justice, and entertainment - and look at them through a queer AF lens. Cheers, queers! <3

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